Unity Web Player Future

So I was catching up on the Unity Blog, and found an interesting article on the Unity Web Player Roadmap. What is interesting to me is not the fact that the CURRENT web player will no longer be supported, but that it will STOP being supported in SIX MONTHS.

On the BAD side of this equation, there are a LOT of Web Game sites out there that rely on the current player. And with the new WebGL support in Unity being around 50-60% there it’s a shame that the old player won’t be supported longer. Building games for Ludum Dare it was dead simple to host the game and provide a link. I guess we could blame the people building the Browser, but in fairness they have been telling us that this was coming for a long time now. Indeed Unity has been working with Mozilla and others on this, but it took almost two years time to get it into prime time.

On the GOOD side, the guys at Unity will now be able focus to throw more resources at the new WebGL player, and make it as good or better than the Web Player.

For me, my strategy for Ludum Dare will probably shift from Web Player to WebGL now. The last game I entered was all 3D (using Voxels) and the performance was TERRIBLE in WebGL.

One thing is for certain, the tide is coming, and there is nothing we can do, but embrace it.


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