Unity And TILED

So I am working on a new prototype for a fast paced rogue(ish) type game. I want to build a series of room “templates” using TILED, and then have them import into Unity. Each room will be he same dimension with four doors leading in different directions. The templates will add some uniqueness to each room played, while still allowing me some flexibility on where objects are located.

I started researching a number of different ways to do this, and I noticed a couple of Free tools that will seem to do the job. In the next few days I will be reviewing these two options to see which one I will decide to use in my game.

The first tool is called Tiled2Unity from Sean Barton. This tool seems to be fairly robust and comes with a number of features I need; building Prefabs, supporting multiple layers, tagging, sorting. However, there does not seem to be any type of accessible API for manipulating the importing or building of objects from the TILED map.

The other tool X-UniTMX from Chaoseiro. Like the other tool, it seems to cover a number of the same features, but also add a flexible API layer. Because my workflow for the game is not yet designed, this will be a great opportunity to review these tools to see what will be best for my workflow on this game. Right now, without looking, I am leaning towards X-UniTMX, simply because it provides an API.

Stay tuned, as I look at these two tools closely.


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