Ludum Dare 38 - Day 1

So, another Ludum Dare, eh?!?

The theme for LD38 is Small World. I had a number of ideas, which all centered around being in a confined space (go figure) in a turn based world.

I considered a small Roguelike, we you move inside a tiny dungeon, avoiding monsters and traps, but I felt that although small, did not fit the theme well. Besides, I am already making a game similar to that. Next, I thought of a small platformer, where each level floated in space, and you had to find a teleporter on each world, which would take you to the next world. I also thought of a game where you were on an island, and also a pathfinding game, but I did not get much inspiration from those.

I have finally settled on a simple game where you land on a Small planetoid (World) and must mine the area to find the Resources for your next order. Along the way you, you must avoid the different Alien lifeforms that are trying to stop you.

I think what will be interesting about this game, is the mechanics I plan to add. For example, when mining for resources, you can only mine to the left or right of your position. You pickup resources by walking on them, but you can only hold one at a time. You can also drop the current resource you have to the left or right of you. You can also swap resources, that is, if you drop an item to the left, and there is already something there, you will then get the item that was there, and the item you had will be dropped.

There will also be some simple pickups. The first, is the good old extra life. Next, is a Ice Block, dropping this on a Alien will freeze them for 5 turns. You can also find explosives, dropping these on aliens will push them at least 5 tiles away from you. Explosives are also great for blowing up obstacles on the World, which you might need to do in order to explore other areas.

Once you have collected the resources for your order, you can return to your ship, which completes the level. You then move onto the next level.

So thats all I have for now. I will start refining the game as I start coding.

Till tomorrow.


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