Ludum Dare 37 - Post Mortem

Last weekend I participated in my eleventh Ludum Dare, making a Game called "Santa's Little Helper", you can play it here. I created the game with the help of my kids again, as I often do. Martin, my youngest, did the artwork, my two oldest helped with testing the game.

The theme this time was, "One Room". Again, not my favorite theme. I felt with this theme that there would be a large number of platformer games. So I wanted to steer clear of that.

Things That Worked

There was no shortage of ideas as usual. My friend was over, and he suggested using the Theme to create a Tapper like game. We extended that into Santa's Workshop, where a single Elf was in charge of loading Santa's bag of Toys.

I like Pixel games, so we stuck with the Retro look. I wanted to make it like a Game I would play on the old Atari or Commodore 64 computer.

My youngest son created all of the Sprites for the game, and even though they were not animated, they still turned out great. I really appreciated how hard he worked on them.

Most of the coding went smooth, however there was an area of the program that I continually was refactoring, so it took longer in some cases.

I used a new Unity Asset for tiles, called Super Tilemap Editor. This was a fantastic editor, and I cannot wait to use it for other projects.

Things That Didn't Work

As mentioned above, I was continually refactoring one part of the game. Which was, the player controls. I think we went through at least six iterations of them before I settled on the final controls. Fortunately, coding for them was not too hard, but it was tedious.

I was hoping that with my last use of WebGL with Unity that this project would work pretty well. I was wrong. For some reason, when I created the WebGL version for the game, all the colors got messed up. Still not sure what happed, not sure I care.

Again, no music. I continue to dissapoint myself here. I did find some music online that worked. I think the next game, I will create the music first. Maybe.

In Summary

Overall, I was very happy with the game, and it seems to be getting some very good reviews and responses so far. Who knows, maybe I will continue working on this at another time.

Merry Christmas


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