Ludum Dare 35 - Post Mortem

Last weekend I participated in my ninth Ludum Dare, making a Game called "Shifter". Again, I made a simple game which you can play it here. If you are interested in watching the Timelapse video, you can watch that here. The source code for the game is here.


The theme for Ludum Dare 35 was Shapeshift, so obviously I created a game about matching shapes, hence the name "Shifter". I brainstormed with my family before starting, and we came up with a pattern matching game, where you need to change shapes at the bottom of the screen, before the shapes falling from the top of the screen hit the bottom.

Things That Worked

Keeping the game play simple helped a huge amount, as I was entering the Compo and had to do everything myself. The match three idea kept the game focused, so I could focus on some smaller details.

Programming again worked well. After doing so many of these Jams, I have my own style and code base which makes most of the easy stuff easy. I hat reinventing the wheel, especially for simple things like Sound and Game control during development.

Some of the Artwork I did was pretty decent, but not all of it (see below), but I was quite pleased using Piskel, it is a great editor for doing very simple Sprites. However, the workflow from the Browser to Unity sucked, so I had to download the offline version to work faster.

Continuing on the Artwork theme, I was extremely happy with how the little Robot in the game turned out. The ideas was that it was his job as the "Shifter" to change all the shapes and colors. I wanted him to be cute and do funny things like wave to you if you waited too long. I turned out great.


Unity WebGL again performed very well, although that game was not very taxing. That said, the build times, although small, are still painfully long. There is no way to test builds quickly, at least on my system.

Things That Didn't Work

Again, the Theme was a huge let down for me again. I don't know what is going on with the Theme selecting at LD, but the last two "winners" have both had negative votes.

Every LD I say I will create my own music, and every LD I fail. Once again I had to resort to bringing in some stock music from another source. It has been pointed out to me, that by doing that I should technically not enter the Compo. I did take the voting category off of my submission, so I feel that my entry is valid, but nonetheless, if I do that again, I will be sure to enter in the Jam instead.

Although I was happy with most of the Artwork, there was a great deal I was not pleased with. I think this was mostly due to the fact that I wanted to add as many shapes as I could. So I went for Quantity over Quality, and it shows. At any rate, still better than I have done in the past, so it's a wash.

Source Code

The following links contain all the assets and source code for the game. I did use some third party @Unity3D assets which are not included, but you can see what they are in the 35.yml file in the uModules Project link.


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