Hadoop And Aster

So I have recently started working on a Project with my “other job” involving Hadoop and Teradata Aster. It’s an interesting project that deals with sifting through emails and flagging them when they match certain rules. My portion of the project involves providing an Analytical Dashboard in Tableau, and also a custom feedback area (written in .NET) that will be used to increase the effectiveness of the rules.

This is my first dip into the “big data” area so I am excited to see how this project is received internally. With that, the technology behind this is complicated and from what I can see, somewhat immature.

I have been on the sidelines with “big data” for some time now, keeping somewhat up to speed on it, but not really doing anything constructive with it.

Still I have enough of an interest where I am exploring more about the technology itself. My first part of this is standing up my own Hadoop sandbox from Hortonworks to learn more about the technology. Or at the very least, learn what a “zoo keeper” is. Side note, it is interesting to me the names they come up with on these tools.

Installing a Hortonworks Sandbox is relatively easy, I found a few articles online, but they deal with a much older version of the software, so I will be creating my own “howto” guide on the latest version.


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