First Game Test for Dungeon of Awesome

So I finally completed the “first” playable version for “Dungeon of Awesome”.

Side note, the name of the game will be changing, this was always just a placeholder.

Back to testing. I think it went very well, as a matter of fact, better than expected. All three of my sons really enjoyed the game, and provided some good feedback. The each played the first five levels a couple of times, and all of them made it through once, and only a couple of failures, which is a pretty good ratio in my head. I really want this game to be easy to play but hard to finish.

For the most part the boys enjoyed the strategy part of the game, which is great. The loved the idea of having to manage your resources, and having to make decisions on the mobs that you attack. As this is one of the Key elements of the game, I am very glad they enjoyed this part of it. On the low side, the kids were not too thrilled with taking damage from a Mob that was only one or two levels above them. I think I agree with them on this, and I will tweak the combat system to try and counter this a bit.

Play the Game!

If you have some time today, please try the game and leave some feedback for me in the comments below, or email me;

Which reminds me, I really need to setup a IndieDB page, a Reddit page, and post the game to #1GAM


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