DOA Game Update - Combat

So it has been quit a while since I last posted. There has been a lot of progress was made with my #1gam Jam entry for November and it is actually starting to feel like a game now. It is very simple Game in concept, but there are many nuances that have made it slightly more difficult to implement. That, and the fact that personally November was a very busy month, not lending me much time to work on the project.


I decided to forget about the whole TILED implementation for now until the next release in December. I want to put more work into the Gameplay to make it fun, and besides the different rooms are nothing but eye candy for the game as the real strategy is in the decisions you make in-game.

Speaking of which, I wanted to talk some on the logic behind the combat system. I wanted this to be a very “easy” game to play in that you do not have to think very hard about what you “need” to do, but you do have to think about “what” to do. So I felt that a different kind of “matching” system might work.

Mana, is the source of energy in the dungeon, and your resource for defeating the mobs in the dungeons. Some mobs are stronger (they have more Mana), and some are more experienced. This combination of variables sets the stage for combat. As the player, you can carry an unlimited amount of Mana, but only carry a limited amount of items that you find in the Dungeon. When you encounter a mob, the game will reveal the amount of Mana needed to defeat it, but it might also include a weapon or another type of item required. These items carry a certain weight in value, and the player must have the same items in order to counter and have a good chance of defeating the mob. Experience is also a factor, if a mob is three levels above you, it will affect the chance of you defeating it because of it’s increased effectiveness.

Every time you attempt combat with a Mob, you lose the amount of Mana required by the Mob. If you win, the Mob will drop some loot, at least one, and at most three. If you are defeated, not only do you lose the Mana resources, but you also lose a precious health point. When your health reaches zero, Game Over.

So, how is this shown to the user? Simple, as a percentage. Lets look at a few examples;

Mob is a Level 1 Rat with one Yellow Mana. The player is a Level 1 with 6 Yellow, 4 Blue and 4 Green Mana

In the above example, the player will have a 100% chance to defeat the enemy because it has a matching Yellow Mana, and is at the same level.

Here is another example. A Level 1 Rat with one Yellow Mana, and the Player is Level 2 with the same amount of Mana above.

In the other example above, the player will have a 120% chance to win because the Player is one whole level above the enemy. So experience can have a great affect to winning combat. Conversely, trying to go against a Mob that is at a higher level than you can be risky, and will waste your Mana.

In the current version, items are not part of the Game, and only Mana and Experience are used. Still, the game gives you a sense of urgency as you go from Room to Room searching for more Mana, and of course the Portal to take you to the Next Dungeon in the Game.

My next post will talk a little more about the Gameplay, and the ideas behind the Dungeon that is created as you wander, and hopefully a playable Demo for everyone.


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