I Git By

I was recently updating some of my Personal/Public Unity Libraries. I use SourceTree for most of my GIT work. One, because I am old, and don't like using the command line much anymore, and two because they have a really slick interface for using the GitFlow methodology, which I "try" to follow.

So, I tried to initialize the GitFlow for the project folder, but alas, I was missing my MASTER branch. I had removed it after pushing my DEVELOP branch to GitLab.

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First Game Test for Dungeon of Awesome

So I finally completed the “first” playable version for “Dungeon of Awesome”.

Side note, the name of the game will be changing, this was always just a placeholder.

Back to testing. I think it went very well, as a matter of fact, better than expected. All three of my sons really enjoyed the game, and provided some good feedback. The each played the first five levels a couple of times, and all of them made it through once, and only a couple of failures, which is a pretty good ratio in my head. I really want this game to be easy to play but hard to finish.

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DOA Game Update - Combat

So it has been quit a while since I last posted. There has been a lot of progress was made with my #1gam Jam entry for November and it is actually starting to feel like a game now. It is very simple Game in concept, but there are many nuances that have made it slightly more difficult to implement. That, and the fact that personally November was a very busy month, not lending me much time to work on the project.

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