Unity And TILED

So I am working on a new prototype for a fast paced rogue(ish) type game. I want to build a series of room “templates” using TILED, and then have them import into Unity. Each room will be he same dimension with four doors leading in different directions. The templates will add some uniqueness to each room played, while still allowing me some flexibility on where objects are located.

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Unity Inspector Editor with ReordableList

Working on my latest game, I had created a number of Mono components (Monobehaviors with public variables) that assisted with some of the Sprites in the game.

In particular, I created a SpriteFactory, where its job was simply to return something called a SpritePackage which contained a number of Sprite objects. The SpritePackage had a Name property, which was used to lookup the name of the SpritePackage we wanted and return. It was very simple, and got the job done.

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Hadoop And Aster

So I have recently started working on a Project with my “other job” involving Hadoop and Teradata Aster. It’s an interesting project that deals with sifting through emails and flagging them when they match certain rules. My portion of the project involves providing an Analytical Dashboard in Tableau, and also a custom feedback area (written in .NET) that will be used to increase the effectiveness of the rules.

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First Blog Post

You have to start sometime, right?!?

This is not the first Blog I have started, and it probably will not be the last. Lately I have felt the need to share more of the things I do, at least on things I develop.

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