Creating A Command Line Utility With Node.js

One of the great things about being a programmer and learning to program is that it is great at helping us be lazy. When I say lazy I don't mean in the literal sense where you sit around and do nothing all day, but in the sense that it helps you find ways to do things in a more automated way because you are too lazy to keep repeating the same things over and over.

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I Git By

I was recently updating some of my Personal/Public Unity Libraries. I use SourceTree for most of my GIT work. One, because I am old, and don't like using the command line much anymore, and two because they have a really slick interface for using the GitFlow methodology, which I "try" to follow.

So, I tried to initialize the GitFlow for the project folder, but alas, I was missing my MASTER branch. I had removed it after pushing my DEVELOP branch to GitLab.

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